Men's Boxers

The evolution of men's boxers

The forerunner of boxers today is the boxer short used by pugilists. Until after the Second World War, this type of trousers became popular among men and was worn as a type of undergarment. Boxers quickly became popular because of their loose fit. As a result, it is increasingly diverse in design and types. Typically, the boxer briefs were the best seller in the 1980s in the US, with four times as many briefs sold compared to traditional boxers. Although there are many types of underwear, boxers still are favored. Today, boxers are also selected by the woman for its comfort.

Why should use men's boxers?

There are many benefits to using boxers as underwear instead of others. Boxers provide more comfort and protection. There are two basic designs: closed fly and open fly. Overall with a front fly, you are easy to access and feel more breathability. The fabric and length of the pants help boxers not too tight. Men’s boxers become popular because of working with almost any outfit or style. Here are the two most popular boxers you should have:

Men’s boxer briefs

This type has been improved in design and materials. They are preferred by men for the sexy that it brings. Boxer briefs will cover about a third to half your thigh. It fit but doesn't reveal too much. With a boxer briefs, you will look best in great shape. They are suitable for daily wear, gym or bathing. Men’s boxer briefs are the most popular type today. If you like comfort but no less seductive, this is the ideal choice.

Men’s boxers shorts

This is the traditional boxers, with elastic waistband, elastic back, smooth fabric with relative elasticity. Usually, there have an open fly, a fly button or not. These are great for the gym, casual sports, daily wear or going outside. Because it can be used as regular shorts, patterns and colors vary from monochrome, to hilarious. This type is easy to wear and easy to coordinate so you will still be very attractive when wearing it

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