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Jackets – The versatile garment

Jacket is a popular fashion line in the fashion industry. The distinguishing feature of the Jacket with other lines is the length. A true jacket just long enough to reach your hips. With its simple, lightweight and trendy design criteria, jackets are increasingly popular with many styles and movements. Even with the packable jackets type, you can pocket a jacket. Looking back, the jacket went along with the history of mankind as it was associated with the artists or the movie actors. It can be said that the jacket shows personality of the wearers and helps shape their style.

Choosing the best fit jacket for your demand

Owning a jacket does not only adapt the basic needs of keeping warm, sun protection or body protection, but it is also showing who you are. Moreover, unless you are not in the country for 4 seasons, there rarely have jackets that can fit your all demands. Therefore, during its development, the jacket has been constantly improved to suit the specific needs of the users. Today, you can choose from a variety of jacket types to suit your wear needs. Determine your requirements, and the following guides will show what kind of jacket you should choose.

Suits jackets

Want to look good in special cases? Suit jacket will be a great deal for you. With a hard-wired style, you'll look so good and easy to touch others. Suits jackets are usually with solid colors, simple patterns, multi-layers, have a patch pocket or a flap pocket and can be fitted with buttons. Because of this suitability, suits are usually made of worsted wool, cashmere, linen, and silk. Three common types of suit jackets are 2-button single-breasted, 2-button single-breasted and 6-button double-breasted.

Packable Jackets

If you are looking for a jogging suit in the morning, going to the beach or golfing, packable jackets will be the ideal choice. Unlike suits, this type of jackets usually has a hat and materials having good water resistance. This helps packable jackets fit for outdoor activities because it can work in the rain. Especially, thanks to the unique design you can easily pocket this shirt when not in use. Is it convenient to have such a jacket?

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are inspirited by military uniforms, standing for war clothing, but now, it becomes the iconic fashion staple – the Hollywood symbol. When we think leather jacket, we think large motor-drive enthusiasts, the rock stars or the actors. Made of leather, you will feel the soft and durable protection from this jackets. Common leather jackets will not have a hat and are also popular to wear out. Owning a leather jacket will make you look more attractive.

Why should choose Zone’s packable jackets?

Zone is a young fresh brand. We drive on the dynamic and vibrant of the youth, so our products always have some very specific characteristics. Compared to the other packaged jackets on the market, Zone's packable jackets are designed to add some convenient features like anti-theft pockets inside and its front pocket to fold quickly. Besides, we consider the aesthetic aspect of each jacket to ensure that our users are always satisfied.
Moreover, with 100% polyester fabric, you will feel comfortable and super lightweight. This is a multi functional jacket that can be worn on formal occasions, when playing sports or for daily use. If you are a sporty person and are looking for a jacket? Let's come to Zone and choose a nice jacket in its unique collection. Surely, you will have no regrets because a packable jacket is must-have things in your wardrobe.