6 advantages in digital sublimation printing

  • Unlimited colors per design
  • Repeat orders start from 1 piece
  • No fading colors after washing
  • No cracking in printed ink 
  • High viz/fluorescent colors possible as well as deep black
  • Logos and artworks are in proportion for each size

Why us?

Top line of sublimation manufacturer: MIMAKI Printers & Inks

The printers allow creating brilliant graphics and have a rigid construction that lays downing smoothly paper. All Colors(along the CMYK formula)are vibrant. Also deep black can be obtained and give perfect results after heat transfer. Prints are easily transferred to polyester fabric and preserve a natural drape and texture.
Water based Japanese sublimation inks: these are long lasting inks assuring good image quality, wash & color fastness and printability.

Roller sublimation heat press

We use roller sublimation heat press machine is perfect for transferring colors onto fabrics. The machine uses a roller to apply even pressure and heat, which results in deep, rich colors and prevents ghosting or fading. 

Laser Cutting Machine

The laser cutting machine is a precision fabric cutting tool that can quickly and accurately cut patterns in fabric.  The machine produces clean, precise cuts that help ensure the products are made in the perfect form. 


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