LED Flashlight with Solar and Handcrank

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This incredible flashlight from Meco company can be charged with the solar panel on one side or by handranking the flashlight on the other side.


Never Run Out of Power! & Store hours of energy to Light

Place the torchlight in the sun or under any artificial light and it will collect and store hours of energy to light even the Low solar Radiation areas

What if the battery drains in darkness where no lights can be utilized? Just turning the crank to recover from the deep darkness!

Highly efficient use of Kinetic energy with 1 minute of cranking providing 10 minutes of light. (>2 rps)

With A Quick to Use Carabiner Clip design and small size, this mini flashlight is a great company for outdoor

Clip it to your backpack, take it to camping, hiking, climbing etc.

Compact and ready to go, this light never needs batteries

Cranking restores the rechargeable NiMH batteries to their charged state

This light is an excellent solution for extended power outages and situations where the light will be stored for a long period of time

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