Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Hoodies – The revolution of fashion

Hoodies, also known as a sweatshirt with a hood, was first introduced to the public around the 30s of last century in the United States. Initially, the manufacturer attached a hood to the warm jacket aimed at the target customer is the athlete. The main use of this hood was to protect the users from the effects of extreme weather conditions such as hot sun, cold, drizzle, etc. This style had become popular as a fashion trend when athletes wore it. The peak of hoodie development associated with music’s development of hip-hop and rap in the 70's. Then the hoodie was the symbol of young people having the rebellious street style in big cities. It's because of this that the hoodie became popular in the public. To this day, it has become an essential outfit in every wardrobe of the world.

Choosing your own hoodies

Choosing the right hoodies will depend on three main elements: climate, materials and hobbies. Firstly, the climate will depend on the area you live in and the seasonal. If you are near the equator in the summer, you should choose cool fabrics instead of warm fabrics that is suitable for the cold season. Obviously, this is the decisive factor for the materials of the hoodie you want to buy. The composition of the fabric determines the comfort and absorbency of the garment. For example, if the amount of polyester is higher than cotton, the sweatshirt will be water resistant better. You should also note the thickness of the shirts, a thin shirt can be cooler but also easier to stretch the fabric. Finally, your hobbies and personality will determine the fashion style of your hoodie. Maybe you love black and you are in a tropical country, you should consider choosing a black hoodies because this color is easier to get sunburn than bright colors. Besides, you can refer to some of the popular hoodie’s styles below:

Traditional Hoodies

Traditional hoodies are style with wide format, pullover hoods front pockets (or not) and no sleeves. You must wear over your head like a T-shirt. This is the most popular style because it has the convenience of a T-shirt while keep your body warmer. Hoodies with front pocket are often used in winter or in cold weather because of warming your hands. In contrast, no pocket hoodies are designed with large graphic allowing wearers to show off their personalities.

Hoodies with drawstrings

To increase the ability to trap heat, some hoodies have extra drawstrings at the hoods. This also makes it easy to adjust with different sizes of heads. There are many types of string depending on the manufacturer's design format, such as shoestrings, fuzzy strings, etc. Compared to hoodies lack drawstrings, this can be troublesome because strings are pull out during washing. This type is usually preferred by women or children for its cuteness.

Hoodies with zippers

This is known as a modified jacket style, these hoodies are fitted with a zipper front. With the traditional hoodies, you wear the same way as a T-shirt, but with this style, you are like wearing a jacket. At this time, your jacket have hoods and zips up in front that give good ventilation. This style is very popular with men because of its uniqueness.

Cuff hoodies

This type have cuffs at the end of sleeves. With tight cuffs, your shirt will keep you warm better, restricting cold winds to your body. In addition, these cuffs are usually with elastic material to retract easily. However, you will find it harder to fold sleeves than traditional ones. So, if you prefer to roll up their sleeves, should choose cuffless hoodies. Sometimes cuffs are stylized with thumb holes for easy movement in some specific cases.
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